CHAR | Charlene Birkbeck | Singer, Songwriter, Model, Teacher
"All I wanna do is share my music with the world, play for millions, and give people the power and joy that music has given me." –Char

The Beginning of a New Journey: Anneda (Loup)

I have been (un)officially on hiatus for the past year because I felt the need to dig deep within myself to learn more about who I am and let that be what comes through artistically and creatively. So I thought I'd share a bit of my new journey with you...

I began my real soul-searching journey almost 10 years ago when I moved out here to Vancouver Island, and I'm sure that you probably have heard some of that story(left everything to come to a place I had only heard of but was willing to take that chance and leave everything I knew to truly find myself).

Throughout my years, I always found that Char or Charlene was a name that I could not truly resonate with. About two years ago, I had read somewhere that everyone has a true name that follows them throughout all of their lives, and so I was curious. For about the past four years I have been meditating on a daily basis. During one of my meditations I thought I would put it out there and see whether I had a true name and ask what it was. Throughout the meditation I didn't hear anything, until the very end when I was literally opening my eyes and I heard "Anneda". I knew exactly how it was spelled and so I looked it up online right away. The only thing I could come across was an ancient Pine tree that originated in Quebec that was once used for healing purposes. They actually called it the "Tree of Life" back then because it was so full of healing properties and apparently saved many lives with its nutritional content. I thought this was interesting and I thought I'd sit on the name for a while.

Then a few months later I remembered that one of my middle names is Ann, which is funny I hadn't thought of it before, it's just a name among two of my middle names that kind of just go together so I never thought of it separately. Also since I have been here on Vancouver Island, I've been very into healing with wild plants found in the area. For many years now, I have been very interested and drawn to aboriginal tribes around the world, particularly regarding their honouring the earth and the methods they use. Over a few months I wanted to see if I really resonated with this new name. Yes I do, very much so.

The birth of a new name is only scratching the surface. To me, my life project is more about artistic expression than anything else. Over this past year I have done a lot of soul-searching and understanding as to where my intentions truly lie on many levels.

My influences as a young child were mainly from listening to my parents' music in the car (blues, country) as we were travelling North America. Although once the Walkman came into play, I ventured into new types of music(electronica, pop, rap). And so I am happy to be digging up my roots of these influences.

Sincerely with all of my HEART and SOUL, Anneda